December 7, 2014

Recently this tweet appeared – the problem is that the person who posted it got his facts all wrong.

Philadelphia Eagles Championship rings

There’s a lot of teasing on the internet these days about the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles have never won a super bowl and lack any super bowl rings.

Although they appeared in Super Bowls XV and XXXIX, both times they came away without a victory.

Here, Big Pillz thought it would be a good idea to show that the image he found, had the facts all wrong. Big Pillz erroneously believed that the their three championship rings shown are NFC rings. Next, he claims they are “not the one we know today” (whatever does that mean?).

The image does show the three World Championship rings (also known as NFL championship rings the Eagles have won).

An interesting note is that the 1949 ring is identical to the 1948 ring except for an updated reference to the year that appears on the side of the ring.

You can’t blame the Eagles for the fact that the NFL had fewer teams back then; they won the championships in 1948 and 1949 and were truly World Champions of Professional Football.

I guess Big Pillz can make an argument that in 1960, a brand new league called the American Football League debuted. The Houston Oilers won the 1960 AFL championship during their inaugural season. Their championship rings say A.F.L. Champions by the way.

Anyone who knows their football history wouldn’t believe for a moment that the upstart 1960 Oilers would be a superior team to the 1960 “World Champion” Eagles, so there should be no issue with the 1960 “World Champion” Eagles or their 1960 NFL Championship ring.

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